Friday, August 14, 2009

Unapologetic Plug for Tulsa's Annie Ellicott and Brian Haas

The AT gang put in an appearance last night at the Utica Square summer music series and caught Tulsa's own Annie Ellicott, a young jazz singer we always enjoy.

Annie performed with the Brian Haas Trio, a talented bunch led by the amazing keyboard talents of Haas, leader of the Tulsa-based Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey.

Haas and Ellicott are promoting their new CD, Ask Me Now, which sounds like a winner.

At last night's concert, Haas and Ellicott served up a mixture of smooth and upbeat tunes to an appreciative crowd. It was a fun evening—even the weather was pleasant.

For more on Annie and the CD as well as some swinging samples from the album, check out this link.


Anonymous said...

FYI: It's Haas, not 'Hass'.... see or

Alternative Tulsa said...

Your are correct, sir! We fixed it.

Winona said...

Nathan Fifield here. Cool blog, and great post on Annie. Annie has a new CD out featuring the music of my brother Joseph and myself. Check it out at