Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LA Times Columnist Blasts Delusional Citizens

The anti-Obama crazies are out there, as we all know, ranting and raving for no particularly good reason.

But some observers are calling it for what it is: irrational and dangerous right-wing paranoia.

LA Times columnist Tim Rutten nails it: America the delusional.

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Tulsan said...

Agree, except with the final paragraph:

"They might be careful what they wish for, because if our national political conversation becomes simply a continuation of talk radio by other means, dominated by people who bring guns to political rallies, who believe that the president of the United States is an alien who wants to euthanize the elderly and imprison the overweight, it won't matter which party is in power. The country will be as ungovernable as it is deluded."

The only group pushing guns at Presidential appearances is the GOP with their media tools. Liberals don't seem to go in for that. Nor do they make up talking points out of whole cloth.

Good for Barney Frank for asking the home planet of that wacko with the Obama photo with Hitler mustache. Bunch of lunatics and sore losers and whiners. They richly deserve the horse laugh... and some of them, jail.