Friday, August 28, 2009

Making Up Constitutional Theories: The 'Tenthers' Have Arrived

Having completely run out of serious political ideas, the wingnut section of the American Right has turned to novel constitutional theories.

Ah, yes, when you lose at the ballot box, turn to creative interpretations of the founding document. There's gotta be something there to save the conservatives from the idiotic birthers, the hyperbolic deathers, and other zanies that seem to thrive in the margins of the Reagan Revolution.

The latest, which has believers right here in Soonerland, are the "Tenthers," a happy band of True Believers who think the Tenth Amendment is the salvation of the land. (Randy Brogdon, a GOP hard-core candidate for governor, is a Tenther. Good luck with that, Randy.)

According to this theory, real meaning of the Tenth Amendment is to prohibit the Federal government from doing almost everything the U.S. government has done for about 100 years.

Enforce the Tenth Amendment, the thinking goes, and the states will take over from the Feds and—Presto!—Conservative Paradise.

It's a pipe dream. Read all about it here.

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