Saturday, August 15, 2009

Coburn Stands Up to Bogus 'Birther' Claim

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn deserves a good word for standing up to the 'birther' nonsense currently infecting the far-right fringes of the Republican Party (read: Jim Inhofe).

At his town hall meeting yesterday in Jenks, Coburn refused to take the birther bait when a voter raised the issue.

"You are upset because you believe there was a violation of the Constitution. I don't think there was," Coburn said.

Let's hand it Coburn: He's not afraid to stand up for his beliefs. He's not always right (remember his fantasy about high school lesbians in rural Oklahoma high schools?), but it is refreshing to hear a politician say something that runs against the grain.

"Coburn did not always tell the majority what it wanted to hear," the Tulsa World reported.

AT says: Good for Coburn.

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Anonymous said...

Doc does have some backbone! When I read the wire version of this story in the Oklahoman this morning I hoped there would be some recognition for him. Doc when you are right we're so proud.