Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Official: Rep. John Sullivan is a Moron

We'd like to cut Rep. John Sullivan some slack. After all, he's had a bad year, what with the return of his alcoholism and a month drying at the Betty Ford Clinic.

But Sullivan, who should know better, engaged in the politics of fear in Tulsa in a recent talk to the Tulsa Republican Club.

"This is a scary time in Washington," Sullivan said. "I see Barack Obama is creating an enemies list of people who oppose this miserable health care plan. I think that's frightening. That's from a guy that can't even show a long-form birth certificate."

Two significant points that Sullivan neglected to mention:

1. There is no Obama enemies list; there never was. This was a rumor whipped up by the right-wing noise machine. This nonsense has been debunked.

2. The Obama birth certificate "controversy" is bogus. This too has been thoroughly debunked. It's a non-issue embraced by UFO enthusiasts and other fringe types.

Sullivan, however, can't seem to separate truth from fantasy, not a good sign in a public official.

But Sullivan got one thing right: It is a frightening time in Washington, though not because of Barack Obama. It's because Tulsa elected a fool named John Sullivan to Congress.

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