Monday, August 24, 2009

Fox's Glenn Beck Takes a Beating in Ad Support

Like a lot of the wingbags on Fox News, Glenn Beck pretends to know what he's taking about. But most of the blather that Beck utters is a pose: You find some incident in the news and spin it in ways that rile up the masses.

In Beck's case, the phony outrage and hysteria isn't playing so well. His show is losing advertising support.


Tulsan said...

Basically this guy is a phony and con artist, and you are a fool if you believe what he is peddling.

Love one of the comments on Media Matters:

"Clorox will lose a lot of money with the loss of advertising on Beck. Where will the KKK go to whiten their sheets now?"

Tulsan said...

And in other "news":

"Jonah Goldberg, editor-at-large of National Review Online, went on Fox News today to fan the flames of the latest fabricated 'death panel' controversy.

Goldberg equated a Veterans Affairs pamphlet with Nazi eugenics, saying 'death panels may not be too far off the horizon.'"

Goldberg... what a credible, serious guy. Now I see why our old pal, Man of the West, is so high on him and his book "Liberal Fascism."

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