Saturday, August 8, 2009

Returning Soon: AT Back on the Web Soon

The AltTulsa gang has been "out of pocket" recently, as we noted in our last post. But as promised, we'll be back soon.

We would also like to pass along a word of thnks to our faithful reader, Tulsan, who has posted some very interesting material in the comments section of our previous post.

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Tulsan said...

You're welcome, AT.

Right-wing projection of the day

"He (Rush) even latched onto a recent fad in conservative circles: comparing Obama to the Joker, the sociopathic anarchist from the most recent Batman movie. 'His goal was to undermine the whole system,' Limbaugh said of the character, while actually explaining himself.

"He wasn't kidding. The conservative playbook has been laid bare, and it is ugly."

Media Matters: A long, hot summer of hate

Anonymous said...
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