Friday, August 28, 2009

PolitiFact Nails Latest Limbaugh Lie; He's Wrong on Circumcision Mandate

It's not news that Rush Limbaugh is a lying sack 'o crap: twenty seconds of his radio show is enough to convince all but the most deranged listeners of that.

But even Rush should know better than to make up a lie about health care reform involving forced circumcision.

But Rush is always right, of course, except when he's not. PolitiFact awards Rush their highest dishonor, the infamous Pants on Fire award.


Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh's position as a truth teller and Republican shining light is an enduring mystery to me ... sort of like Stonehenge or Easter Island I guess ... or maybe just why lemmings insist on doing what they do. How does anyone with any sense listen to him without bursting into laughter? And look around for the point of the joke?

Tulsan said...

I agree... just like the "credibility" of all those pompadoured preachers, a total mystery.

Anonymous said...

You would think that people who view themselves superior to the likes of a Rush Limbaugh would be elite enough (really intelligent) to catch and talk about the lies of Obama rather than Rush, who by the way, has no impact on anyone's lives. Obama is the president. He's the one who should have his feet held to the fire when it comes to truth. Where is your criticism of the man who has our lives in his hands?

Tulsan said...

Rush does have a great impact by fostering an atmosphere where hate and know-nothingism can flourish. He gives the Archie Bunkers of the USA a flattering funhouse mirror to admire themselves in.

Rush sure has an effect on the lives of GOP bigshots. They are forced to go kiss his ring when they even seem to be criticizing him. That's what I would call big-time power.

In fact, I do have problems with Obama not being aggressive enough in pushing for his programs. But it would hardly help matters to throw in my lot with the unmodulated braying of Limbaugh and company.

Anonymous said...

If you think Obama hasn't been aggressive enough, all I can say is where will all your elitism get you when everyone decides to live on the government dime and no one chooses to work and pay taxes? If you'll give that a minute to sink in, you'll remember the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Tulsan said...

Got news for you, buddy. I think the capitalist system works great. I am an enthusiast participant and doing well with it.

But if you like the idea that your health provider is motivated by profit to deny claims, you ought to think more about it.

Maybe you are the elitist (since you seem to feel that is such a stinging term), desiring a system in which only the wealthy can be assured of medical care.

Tulsan said...

And who was it who said, "... it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

If you run with the gravy dogs, you might get put in the same kennel. ;)