Monday, August 24, 2009

Slice & Dice: Frank Rich Drubs Sen. Tom Coburn for Abetting the Nuts

Frank Rich was once the drama critic of the New York Times, famous for slicing up Broadway productions that weren't up to snuff.

Lately, Rich has been a political commentator, though his razor remains as sharp as ever. This week Rich did a surgical procedure on our very own Oklahoma physican, Sen. Tom Coburn. It wasn't pretty, but Coburn deserves the critique:
America has never had a shortage of [nuts]. But what’s Tom Coburn’s excuse? Coburn is a Republican senator from Oklahoma, where 168 people were murdered by right-wing psychopaths who bombed a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Their leader, Timothy McVeigh, had the Jefferson quote on his T-shirt when he committed this act of mass murder. Yet last Sunday, when asked by David Gregory on “Meet the Press” if he was troubled by current threats of “violence against the government,” Coburn blamed not the nuts but the government.

Coburn’s implicit rationalization for far-right fanatics bearing arms at presidential events — the government makes them do it! — cannot stand. He’s not a radio or Fox News bloviator paid a fortune to be outrageous; he’s a card-carrying member of the United States Senate.
Rich is right. Coburn is wrong. If the armed wing-nuts attack, Coburn will look like their ally, which is no place for a U.S. senator to be. He should know better.

Read the entire Rich column here.

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samantha said...

you want to see it happen, it would at least be helpful to include the full description. :)
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