Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tulsa's Medlock on Palin: She's Perfect

We know that the election is over. Obama and Biden won, though not in the reddest of the Red States, good ole Oklahoma.

Time to move on.

Still, we couldn't help looking back at some of the foolishness that came out of the Republican National Convention. Searching through cyberspace, we found Tulsa mentioned in the New York Observer of early September.

It seems that an Observer reporter interviewed one Chris Medlock, Tulsa Republican activist and local radio talk show host.

Here's the Observer paragraph featuring Medlock, complete with Medlock's rose-colored (and quite wrongheaded) assessment of VP candidate Sarah Palin:
Chris Medlock, an alternative delegate from Tulsa, Okla., screamed, “Joe Biden doesn’t have a chance!” throughout the speech. When it was over he said, “If it was a fight, they would have stopped it early. She scored blow after blow after blow. And she softened it with humor. She is the perfect candidate.”
Ah yes: The Perfect GOP Candidate. Apparently, inexperience, lack of knowledge, and a gee-whiz personality make up Medlock's qualifications for Republican greatness.

Thankfully, a majority of Americans disagree.

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Tulsan said...

It sounds like Medlock got a snootful of Kickapoo Joy Juice.