Saturday, November 8, 2008

The End of the Obama Era—or Not

Barack Obama hasn't been president-elect a full week, much less taken office as the actual Leader of the Free World. He hasn't even been to the White House since the election.

But some on the Right are
already sensing Obama's failure and defeat.

Case in point: Oklahoma City blogger and gadfly Mike McCarville, who has posted survey numbers showing "strong disapproval" of Obama's performance as president-elect.

Whoa Nelly! That was fast—too fast, we submit, to mean much of anything. Are we really supposed to believe that Obama, elected Tuesday, has already ticked off a significant portion of the public? Aren't these the same hard-core people who despised Obama in the first place?

Another question: What exactly was the disaffected public basing its negative opinion on?

Perhaps it was Obama's first news conference, the one in which he spoke coherent English (and in full sentences!) unlike the Current Occupant.

Sorry, Mike, one survey does not a trend make.

Beyond the fact that Obama won't be inaugurated until January 20 and that he will have to spend months—no, years!—cleaning up the Bush mess, it might be fair-minded and even prudent to give the guy a chance to actually organize is administration before you pronounce his presidency a failure.


leanna jackson said...


Tulsan said...

Ol' Mike tipped his hand.

Savage Baptist said...

I heard the news conference, and personally, I heard so many "uhs" that I thought it made the man sound like a pre-adolescent.

Didn't do so well, either. Didn't say anything of substance and didn't even make it out of his first presser without saying something for which he almost immediately had to apologize.

Mike McCarville said...

For the record, The McCarville Report Online's headlines:
11/8 Obama Approval-Disapproval 41-29%
11/9 Rasmussen: Obama's Approval Rises
11/12 Obama's Approval Rating Continues Up
~ Mike McCarville