Saturday, November 8, 2008

Riding the Palin Wave to the Bottom: The Dismal Future of the Republican Party

It sounds like fiction, we know, but a poll released today found that more than 60 percent of Republicans want Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to run for president in 2012. 

AltTulsa agrees. Absolutely. 

You know the GOP is intellectually bankrupt when the party faithful rally behind a poorly educated former beauty queen who is deeply incurious on all matters beyond the icy boundaries of Alaska. 

Palin's policy and personal shortcomings are stunning and numerous, so much so that the McCain camp and even Fox News has unloaded on the candidate in the aftermath of the GOP ticket's defeat this week. 

Palin may play well among Oklahoma Republicans, but her selection was widely repudiated in most other states and among almost everyone else with an IQ higher than a cabbage. 

For a more positive view of Palin's future, see Oklahoma City Mike McCarville's GOP "happy talk" here


Tulsan said...

Bring 'er on!

C. Hinds said...

True. Palin may be the best thing that has happened for Democracy in a long time; that and eight years of neo-con rule, backed and supported by the "low" right. There is nothing like real problems to get people focused on real solutions. Strapped with the overwhelming problems we are facing, smack talk about socialism, and using scare tactics isn't passing the smell test with thinking people. Half of the members of the republican party are thinking people, and are becoming increasingly turned off and embarrassed by the faithful "core" led by the likes of Palin, Limbaugh and Hannity. It is like James Carville said; the GOP is engaged in an internal struggle between the ditto heads and the eggheads. My prediction is that for as long as the problems we are confronted with become more complex, reaching and global, the more disenfranchised the far right will become until they become recognizably irrelevant as offering inappropriate policies and ideas for this time in history.

D.Williams said...

To percieve Gov. Palin as having the "IQ of a cabbage" I feel is not a accurate statement. She obviously has some intellect because of her position of governor. I think the key issue here is how they are going to redefine the Republican party. They have a large base of the religous "fundies" with the dogma of Global Warming conspiracy, anti-gay, anti-science, anti-abortion viewpoints that form a large voter block. To this group, these are the make or break issues that are cast in stone. Can they still keep this group while capturing the hearts and minds of the expanding immigration population and younger voters. It may not be possible and a great strategy for the Democrats would be to exploit this divide and keep the Republicans fractured. They certainly have done it to the Democrats over the years.

LPM said...

good point. it will be interesting to see how the republican party "rebirths" itself after this clear episode of identity confusion they have internally. some of the core intellectual ideas of the party might still be able to hold some water and evolve further this millenium, but it's the core values of the party where they've got a problem with staying relevant. The inclusion of the religious right as a key element of the "base" (and the rr's prejudices) will have a hard time remaining relevant if we really do move to an inclusive, global community. It's like the confederate values after the civil war, once the country grew out of North/South identities into a single US, those values became an anachronism. After that, they only serve to pull people and society backward, esp in terms of policy. They just got left at the socio-evolutionary bus stop-- "sorry no more room on the bus, folks..."

Morgan said...

It will be a relief to finally see some policy debate from the GOP side of the aisle that doesn't include the attention-getting non-issues that are the favorites of the fundie agenda. Disaffected moderate and fiscal conservatives may be able to motivate and redirect what is left of the "thinking" Republican base. Reinventing the party minus the anti-science, anti-progressive religious contingent might be the only way to become appealing once again to the populace at large.
I can't foresee that happening in a climate like the country is going to have to endure for the next few years as we regain economic stability. Many people are likely to turn to religion as their own futures and jobs grow increasingly uncertain. Perhaps this will galvanize the sizeable fundamentalist base into forming its own party. Either way, I think the policies that led us to this state (unregulated markets and lack of corporate accountability) are going to have to be abandoned if the Republicans want to convince a no-longer-apathetic public to join them.

And I believe the original post didn't bash Palin herself for being a cabbage-head, just her supporters. Truly, no one can really be as stupid as she appeared during the campaign and hold an elected office...unless she is a former beauty queen in a mostly male state...

Maybe Obama won not because the GOP erred in choosing Palin, but because he, despite some political inexperience, really is the most academically qualified and openminded candidate. Let's hope so.

Anonymous said...


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