Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tulsa Votes: Some Midtown Success for Obama and the Democrats

John McCain won big in Tulsa County last week, a bad sign for local Democrats. McCain received 62.3 percent of the votes in Tulsa County compared to Barack Obama's 37.7 percent.

Unsurprisingly, the African-American precincts of North Tulsa went heavily for Obama, while South Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Owasso were strongly McCain.

Beyond the vote totals, we found some interesting numbers in the precincts. We were particularly pleased to see some Midtown support for Obama, who actually won or ran close in a number of central city precincts.

A few examples:
Precinct 33, University Methodist: Obama 292, McCain 194 (which probably reflects a heavy TU student turnout)

Precinct 51, Fire Station 7 on 15th St., Obama 444, McCain 410.

Precinct 52, Harvard Baptist: McCain 625, Obama 601.

Precinct 62, All Souls Unitarian: McCain 310, Obama 300.

Precinct 63, Southminster Presbyterian: Obama, 384, McCain 311.

Precinct 111, Southern Hills Methodist: Obama 357, McCain 346.
True, there's no Democratic sweep in these numbers. And many, many more precincts were solidly or overwhelmingly McCain precincts.

But in a highly Republican County, the Democrats have to look for success where they find it. And there's a tiny bit of Blue State hope in some of these precincts, where Barack Obama picked up some significant Midtown precincts.

And then there's this: Democrat Karen Keith pulled out a victory over Republican Sally Bell in the Tulsa County Commission race.


Yogi said...

The numbers are interesting but Oklahoma overall is redder than ever while country shifted quite a bit bluer. Interesting times are coming.

Profit said...

They be hard times!!!