Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Democrat Karen Keith Prevails in Tulsa County Commission Race

Tulsa County Republicans must be smarting this morning. Their County Commission candidate, Sally Bell, was thumped by Democratic candidate Karen Keith.

"Remember Bells," Tulsa Republicans argued, a reference to the Bell family's amusement park, which was ousted from the Tulsa County Fairgrounds in 2006.

Despite that call, more voters backed Keith, who racked up a 53-47 percentage lead over Bell.

Keith also raised far more money than Bell, another hit for Tulsa County Republicans. The Tulsa World reported that Keith raised more than $168,000 to Bell's paltry $40,347.


T Town Tommy said...

I remember Bells', it was run down, nasty and they couldn't pay their rent on time. Tulsa voters made the right call not voting in Bell. Our county looks run down enough already.

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