Monday, November 3, 2008

From The Buzz, the political blog at the St. Petersburg Times. The headline: 
Tampa McCain rally: Where is everybody? 
The story: 
About 30 minutes before John McCain is scheduled to lead a rally outside Raymond James stadium, looks like there's maybe 1,000 people here. What's up with that? 
Fox News reported that the venue was set up for many, many more, on the order of 10,000. As we noted in an earlier post, election day isn't looking good for McCain-Palin. 

UPDATE: By contrast, Obama drew 45,000 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Fort Collins! Not to mention Obama's recent appearance in at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, where he packed in an estimated 100,000


Tulsan said...

Preview of the coming right-wing wailing and gnashing over the election:

The American News Project video

Tulsan said...

I was in a donut shop this morning. I got to hear Fox News report on the election. It seems to me that they are deliberately trying to make things look rosy for McCain to their viewers, when it is obvious to anyone paying attention that he is in deep trouble.

Are they doing this to create a sense of outrage and betrayal in their flock when the truth turns out to be otherwise?