Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beware of False Prophets: Going Goofy in the Name of the Lord

We realize that readers don't need to know anything to write a letter to the editor. Still, AT was surprised by the sheer lunacy of a particular writer in today's Tulsa World.

The writer, a citizen of Bartlesville, blames the election of Barack Obama on bad Christians. That's right, True Believers, it's your fault that Obama beat McCain.

"If Christians would have repented, fasted and prayed diligently the election would not have turned out like it did," our correspondent opined. Not only that, our writer knows the true Obama and his evil plans, courtesy of an unidentified prophet who enlightened her with "what God has revealed to him…."

What did the prophet reveal? "Barack Obama is the most 'ungodly' president that this country has ever elected," she writes.

But there's more. Her prophet also sees inside the heart of the new president. Thus: "What you see on the outside is not the true Obama inside. He has the spirit of violence directed at anyone who opposes him."

Her evidence? It's the "vicious attacks" against Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber. But the last time we looked, there was plenty of mud being tossed around during the campaign, and not all of it by Obama.

Wasn't it Palin who belittled Obama's community organizing? Wasn't it Palin who attacked Obama for "palin' around with terrorists"?

Finally, our Bartlesville correspondent is sure that Obama will curb free speech against his opponents. Even worse, "[T]he government and laws will be used to silence Christians."

Back on earth (where facts actually matter), we would like to point out that there is no evidence for any of these predictions. As everyone who has actually examined Obama's record or his words would know, Obama is a Christian who—like a genuine practicing Christian—appears to have a generous heart and a forgiving spirit.

He's been gracious in victory. He's talked about bringing the nation together, building on common values, and solving the nation's problems. Notably, he hasn't talked about instituting violence or limiting anybody's religion or speech.

But when you sit at the feet of a false prophet, delusions and paranoia count more than facts.


Yogi said...

Amen. I'm surprised by the number of my Christian brothers and sisters who deny that Obama is a Christian. They talk about the millions of unborn children who will be aborted during his term. When I try and point out that abortion is happening right now with our existing President they can get hostile.
I don't get it.

sslade said...

After watching a couple of special reports on the 30th anniversary of Jonestown, I find it sad that there are still people who will follow & believe paranoid "prophets"--do we learn nothing from history?

Tulsan said...

Everything these goofs say tells you about their psychology, not Obama's. He is just the inkblot, as it were.


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Tulsan said...

Lucky us.