Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama's Economic Picks Win Praise

It's a huge contrast from the Bush Administration where ideology trumped everything, but Barack Obama's economic selections show signs of thoughtfulness and—heavens!—competence. 

Here's how The Economist has described the selection of Treasury Secretary nominee Tim Geithner: 
Ah glorious, glorious competence. How we've missed you.


Yogi said...

I know that we are not really supposed to believe any candidates promises or speeches and I have no knowledge of the person mentioned except that he sounds like a reasonable person. Plus I think that Mr. Obama cannot help be a better President than the present office holder but Mr. Obama promised change and yet it looks like he is bringing on a tremendous number of political hacks (such as Mrs. Clinton and Bill Richardson) into powerful positions.

Tulsan said...

Yogi, Josh Marshall's comments in today address your point:

"Though I might have chosen differently in one or two cases, overall, I'd say I'm very pleased with the announced or prospective nominees so far from Barack Obama. But for those who are more critical, I try to keep focusing everyone's attention back on the salient point. With a strong president, appointees, particularly cabinet appointees execute policy. They work for the president. They execute his policies. I think we have a strong president. And unless and until I see policies that don't square with the platform he ran on (which I don't expect) I see no reason to revise that judgment."

Tulsan said...

In other news, Frosty Troy is passing the Oklahoma Observer torch.

Urban Tulsa article about the OO