Friday, November 21, 2008

Gallup Poll Shows GOP Negatives on the Rise

More bad news for the Republican Party. Here's a brief summary from our friends at Talking Points Memo:
The new Gallup poll shows that the Republican Party as an institution has a 61% unfavorable rating, with only 34% favorable. And the numbers have only gone downhill since the election -- in October they were at 40% favorable and 53% unfavorable.

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Tulsan said...

It could be classic cognitive dissonance.

When people are forced to choose between two desirable choices, then once they have decided, they tend to downplay the choice not made as a way to resolve the tension.

If this principle is indeed applicable to the election, it would seem to imply that a significant number of voters were conflicted about their vote.

Or perhaps the imminence of their release from the reign of Bush has allowed people to get in touch with their inner Democrat.

Or maybe it's just that horrible Sarah Palin turkey-killing video.