Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us: AT Turns Two

Since nobody else is going to do it, AT wants to wish itself a happy birthday today (actually, yesterday).

That's right, Sooner fans, the AltTulsa blog began two years ago. Since that time, we've been busy. We've made more than one thousand posts in two years and received many thousands of hits from all across Oklahoma and points beyond. 

We'd like to think that our posts have shed a little light (and even some heat) on the controversies and issues of the day. As our regular readers know, AT casts a wide net. In accordance with our name, we also work to offer an uncommon perspective, even when that means swimming upstream. 

Most of all, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank our readers, including our regular readers (even when they disagree us). Readers are the reason why we do what we do. 

Now, back to the grind. 


Tulsan said...

Happy belated birthday, AT!

It was thrilling to discover such an articulate and prolific liberal (in more ways than one) site right here in town. I am a native Tulsan, I might add.

Please keep up the great work. Things are finally going our way.

Alternative Tulsa said...

Thanks, Tulsan. We do what we can. And we really appreciate your time and attention.

Burning Prairie said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday! What Tulsan said.

T Town Tommy said...

Congratulations and keep up the great work!


Tulsan said...

On another note, I see that Savage Baptist, a frequent contributor here, is signing off for awhile.

He wants to make some changes and some money, and says some time away from the internet might do him some good. (That is probably true for a lot of us.)

I wish him success with his goals, and wish him and his family a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.

Yogi said...

Happy Blogging Bday Alt Tulsa. I read it every day. Its always nice to get a different view on things.