Saturday, October 20, 2007

Uphill Battle of the Day: Rudy Fakes Right

Our favorite political headline of the day (so far), courtesy of The Huffington Post:
Giuliani Woos Christian Right


Tulsan said...

I know just the Rudy photo to go with that headline.

Tulsan said...

But semi-seriously, Giuliani personifies almost everything Dobson and company are against. Will they bolt for a third party if Rudy gets the nod? If they do, hello, Hillary!

If they go with Rudy, what credibility would they have left? Does Dobson even have enough clout with his flock to get them to vote in opposition to their raison d'etre?

I don't see why they don't back Huckabee, except that he doesn't look like a winner politically. And that counts for a lot with Dobson, since he is more about power than morality.

May the GOP live in interesting times!

Tulsan said...

Just found a much more articulated take on this situation at DailyKos: The Un$poken Rea$on The Fundie$ Are Threatening to Bolt if Rudy Win$ the Nomination