Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thompson Underwhelms Iowa Voters

Our nomination for Campaign Headline of the Day, this one from The New York Times:
Thompson Fails to Spark Excitement in Iowa
As evidence, the Times quoted Republican voters who just didn't find much to get charged up about in Thompson's campaign stops. The Times reporter summed up Thompson's Iowa appearance as follows:
Voters who came out to see him as he traveled through Iowa — even while expressing admiration for his views and intense interest in his candidacy — said they were struck by how little energy or passion he appeared to bring into a room.
Suddenly, Alan Keyes is looking pretty good.


Tulsan said...

The Second Coming of Reagan he ain't:

Anonymous said...

More like idi amin's red headed stepchild!

Tulsan said...

I just don't think Thompson is going to cut it. It's time for Larry Craig to throw his shoe into the ring.

Tulsan said...

By the way, I want to publicly admit how wrong I was about Craig.

In an earlier item here, I presumed that the NRA would toss him out, and OF COURSE the GOP would show him the door pronto.

But he's still a "member" in "good standing" of both "organ"izations.