Friday, October 5, 2007

Arnett Strikes Again: Pushing the River Vote by Trashing Michael DelGiorno

Tulsa blogger David Arnett is out with a new posting pushing the Arkansas River development plan. Oddly, Arnett begins the post with a swipe at former Tulsa radio host Michael DelGiorno, who now works in Nashville.

Tulsa blog readers will recall that Arnett, publisher of the Tulsa Today blog, recently issued a verbal blast at blogger Michael Bates of Batesline. Bates has been an outspoken opponent of the river tax. Arnett challenged Bates to a debate over the issue, a challenge that has not been answered.

Vigorous debate is a good thing in our book, so we're happy that Arnett, Bates and others are on the job. Still, we can't quite figure out how DelGiorno fits into the river tax debate.

You can read Arnett's column for yourself by clicking here. Check out Bates' anti-tax postings here.


Tulsan said...

Arnett's sexist, willie-wagging throw-down, "Come on, boys, stop picking on children and women and meet a man," is laughable. Bates appears to be keeping his eye on the "No" prize.

Dan Paden said...

Thanks for the links! I think you will find taking that extra little bit of trouble is much appreciated by your readers.

Dan Paden said...

...we can't quite figure out how DelGiorno fits into the river tax debate.

After following the link you so kindly provided, I believe I may have it figured out. When you put this sentence It would be wise for various local pundits who oppose the Tulsa County river development plan to consider the defamation case of former KFAQ-AM 1170 talk-show host Michael DelGiorno... together with this one, further down the page, Some proponents of the issue have been slandered... it appears distinctly possible that this might be a not-so-thinly veiled threat of legal action. Perhaps it's not. But were it directed at me, I would regard it as such.

Bates fan said...

Bates' credibility took a permanent hit after closely associating himself with DelGiorno. Then he endorsed LaFortune after slagging him for months on his blog. He also leaped onto the Schiavo bandwagon to hell.

He thinks with his politics (and religion), so his conclusions are always suspect.