Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fair Packs 'Em in Despite Bell's Departure

Various Tulsa bloggers and letter writers—still mad because Bell's Amusement Park was kicked out of the fairgrounds—have promised never to attend the Tulsa State Fair again.

It's a free country, of course, so we don't begrudge them their right to spend their time and money as they see fit.

But fair attendance is up so far this year. In any case, suspect that good weather, the entertainment mix, and other such factors play a major role in fair attendance. Bell's or no Bell's, some folks are going to turn out for the fair.

If it stays cool and dry, we might even drop by this year. After all, those baby animals are always so cuddly and adorable.

KOTV Channel 6 is reporting that even though attendance is up, fair revenues are down. If we heard correctly, fair-goers are spending less on the rides, which may very well be the result of Bell's departure. In addition, the well-publicized accidents on the rides this week can't help either.

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Jeff Shaw said...

The fair is the fair, Bell's or no Bell's. Of course people are going to go to the fair, its an American tradition way older than Bell's.

But anyone who waxes nostalgic about Tulsa is going to have a hard time losing Bell's.

Nostalgia notwithstanding, when people start talking development, it rings a little hollow for me especially when at the same time they are so willing and able to dispose of a cultural icon like Bells.

Bell's was the kind of place we should have helped develop. It was a local small business. It was a Tulsa landmark. It was something that not many other communities had. It was for the kids and family. Four good reasons.

Of course the YP's would rather have a Eddie Bauer's and a Outback Steakhouse on the River which takes the money out of Tulsa, instead of building wealth in local businesses.