Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ORU's Roberts Taking Leave of Absence

The latest twist in the Saga of ORU comes today from the institution's president, Richard Roberts.

The Tulsa World is reporting that Roberts will take a leave of absence in the wake of a lawsuit filed a few days ago by three former professors. Among other things, the lawsuit alleges financial misconduct by Roberts and his family. Roberts and his wife, Lindsay, have denied the allegations.

The World has more details, as well as an online file of recent ORU stories, which you can find here.


Tulsan said...

Richard is taking a "page" from Sen. Craig's newly-written book:

When in dire media trouble, announce you are standing down to get out of the kitchen awhile. When it's cooled off, come back and toot your horn about being a fighter.

But Richard will probably take a page from Jim Bakker's book, too:

When you hand off your empire to a caretaker, make sure you can get it back.

Falwell didn't give PTL back after Bakker's meltdown, so watch your back with Billy Joe Daugherty, Richard!

Tulsan said...

What a litany of corruption!