Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ORU News Proving Popular with Readers

Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts was on a national stage Tuesday night, telling CNN's Larry King that he and his family have not misused university money.

Roberts and his wife Lindsay appeared on Larry King Live last night, their first public comment on a lawsuit filed in Tulsa last week alleging misconduct by the Roberts family.

According to the Tulsa World, Roberts told King that he has not been served with the lawsuit and that they are being tried "in the court of public opinion."

"I think [the lawsuit] is about a personal character attack about Lindsay and me," Roberts said.

Perhaps Roberts' CNN appearance will help bolster ORU's image in the media, where negative stories have been the norm for the last week or so.

Public interest in the story remains high. The World is reporting that the top four most popular stories in its online edition are all about Roberts and the ORU lawsuit, topping even the Tulsa County river tax story and an OSU football report.


Tulsan said...

I saw only a snippet of the Larry King interview.

Did Richard do his ear-cupping, "What's that, God? You want me to ask for more money?" schtick?

Tulsan said...

I found the transcript.


KING: You’ve never had any additions done to your house paid for by the university?

L. ROBERTS: Additions, no. I’ve had — we have a problem in Tulsa with black mold. We have really, really black mold in Tulsa. We have had to rip out a floor. We’ve had to rip out…

R. ROBERTS: Some walls.

L. ROBERTS: …walls.

Uh-huh. They obviously didn't rip out the stonewalls. They are holding the place up. And they do have "really, really black mold" at ORU, at least metaphorically speaking.

Anonymous said...

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