Wednesday, October 17, 2007

GOP Leaders to Address Values Voters

The conservative Values Voter Summit will convene this weekend as it prepares to mobilize for the upcoming election season.

Press reports indicate that many of the Republican presidential candidates will speak to the group, a core constituency for GOP candidates.

Our bet for the least likely speaker at the meeting: Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, who will be on television tonight attempting to explain away his arrest in an airport men's room.

Viewers seeking the truth are advised to look elsewhere.


Tulsan said...

"Comedy is tragedy that happens to other people." - Angela Carter

In the spirit of that quote, here is a collection of Late-Night Jokes about Sen. Larry Craig's Bathroom Sex Scandal.

Might turn a lemon of an event into lemonade.

Tulsan said...

The "Values Voters Summit" is under the auspices of the Family Research Council (i.e., Dobson).

D.C. will no doubt bus in a large contingent of hookers, male and female, for this weekend event.