Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Richard Roberts on Larry King Tonight

As we noted yesterday, Oral Roberts University is taking a public relations beating in the national media over allegations of political and financial misconduct by ORU President Richard Roberts and his family.

Tonight, we learn, Roberts will appear on CNN's Larry King Live.

Roberts' appearance will give him a national stage to defend himself and his institution against charges stemming from a lawsuit filed in Tulsa last week. The lawsuit has generated negative reports about Roberts and the school in a number of major media outlets.

By appearing on Larry King's program, Roberts has selected a relatively safe venue for his response. King, after all, is no Mike Wallace. We'd be surprised, in fact, if King really pressed Roberts about the charges.

Despite that, many Tulsa viewers are likely to tune in to tonight's edition of Larry King.

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Anonymous said...

I have been a partner with Richard Roberts Ministries (Oral Roberts Ministries) for quite a number of years now. I highly regard this man and his family for their honesty and integrity. It is always difficult, at best, being a Christian in today's world. Whatever the truth is in this situation, it will be brought to light. I believe in Richard and Lindsay; their faith is being tested, as we all are in difficult situations. We should not judge this man and his family but lift them up in love as God would have us do. After all, God knows the truth and there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed