Tuesday, October 16, 2007

IRS Warned ORU Over Political Activities

The Internal Revenue Service wrote letters to ORU last year warning the school about potentially inappropriate political activities, the Tulsa World reports today.

In a page one story, reporter Ziva Branstetter confirmed that ORU was notified on May 3, 2006, and again on October 30, 2006. ORU responded to both letters and officials told the newspaper that the institution has complied with IRS rules.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit filed by three former professors against ORU continues to generate news. Lindsay Roberts, wife of ORU President Richard Roberts, denied new allegations in the lawsuit in a statement issued over the weekend. The World's list of its most popular online stories shows that ORU news makes up three of its top five stories.

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Tulsan said...

Richard has no doubt learned from the old man that you never back down from a whopper, you just make up even bigger ones until the public and the media becomes nonplussed then bored. Then they forget about it.

The IRS is a different matter.