Friday, October 5, 2007

Sen. Brogdon Inspires Yawns on KOTV

In their effort to inform voters on the upcoming Arkansas River vote, KOTV Channel 6 ran extended interviews Friday with representatives of the both sides.

On the "No" side, Channel 6 interviewed State Sen. Randy Brogdon, an anti-tax Republican from Owasso. Brogdon trotted out all the usual objections, though his presentation was uninspired at best.

Before KOTV puts Sen. Brogdon on the air again, they may want to consult the "Ten Best & Ten Worst" legislators issue of The Oklahoma Observer. Back in June, the Observer's Frosty Troy nailed Sen. Brogdon, one of his "worst" picks.

Troy writes:
[Brogdon's] chronic "no" votes make him so predictable that other senators simply yawn when he speaks.
We yawned too, along with several thousand other viewers.

If Sen. Brogdon wants to bring voters over to his side, we suggest a double espresso from one of Tulsa's fine coffee shops.


jasonk said...

I don't know much about Sen. Brogdon, but right now he is one of what seems like very few who are standing against the plan to build a superhighway between the Mexican border and Kansas City.

Tulsan said...

The "Mexican superhighway" is an urban legend:

May 19, 2007 Seattle Times article

Score another point for Brogdon.

Alternative Tulsa said...

The Mexican super highway is a popular tale in some right-wing circles, but, as tulsan notes, it appears to be more hype than reality. In our view, Sen. Brogdon has been bamboozled on this one.