Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Inhofe Pushes New River Development Plan

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe is keeping Arkansas River development alive. In a page one story Sunday, the Tulsa World reported that Inhofe wants to keep the plan alive, even though a sales tax increase to fund the river was defeated earlier this month.

"Quite frankly, I want to get it done," Inhofe told the newspaper.

Inhofe, a former Tulsa mayor, also told the World that some key supporters of the river plan are still interested in developing the river. He declined to name names, but said the response of supporters he had talked to were positive.

Our take: Since Tulsa County voters declined to vote themselves a higher sales tax, a purely private plan is probably the way to go—perhaps the only way. If private sector funds can make the river more attractive and interesting for a variety of citizens and visitors, then we're for it.

Let's hope Sen. Inhofe and his friends in the private sector can make something good happen in the banks of the Arkansas.


Tulsan said...

Alternate plan: we could wait for the North Pole ice cap melt to fill the river.

Tulsan said...

Inhofe as mayor was responsible for what river development we have, so he has a valid interest. I retract my previous jibe.