Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Woe is US: Sally Kern Blames Everything Bad on Porn, Gays, and (yes!) Divorced People

If she keeps it up, Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern, a fundamentalist Republican, is likely to become a national joke. But the joke won't be funny in the Sooner state, which doesn't need more ridicule.

We're talking about Kern's latest right-wing manifesto, in which she blames all of the nation's problems on our supposed moral depravity—unending oceans of porn, unlimited abortion, child abuse and even (heavens!) divorce. (Hey, wasn't Saint Ronald of California divorced?)

To hear Kern tell it, most of us are so anxious to degrade ourselves and our families that we don't have time to read Scripture or attend church—we're too busy watching Internet porn with our pregnant (but not for long!) mistresses who beat their starving children when they won't sell their tender bodies to get more money for our booze and drugs.

Okay, we all know that our nation (and every nation) has its share of thoughtless creeps and hard-core criminals, but Rep. Kern is painting with a very broad brush. In spite of her fear-mongering, some people who are different from her are—can you believe it—actually good people.

From what we can tell, Rep. Kern hasn't bothered to look out the window in Oklahoma (or anywhere else in America) where she would see a church on many a city corner, and loving, law-abiding families doing their best to live upright and, yes, even moral lives in spite of her laundry list of "social ills" (some of which aren't).

Instead, she's gotta grandstand and play morality cop for everybody. Here's some good advice for Rep. Kern: "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone."

Read more about Rep. Kern's latest screed here.

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