Monday, June 15, 2009

Alternative Eating: Buy Fresh Buy Local Sponsors 'Local Foods Week'

Tulsa citizens have more options than ever when it comes to eating, bypassing the industrial food system that has taken over the nation's supermarkets.

One of the best Tulsa organizations in support of alternative food is Buy Fresh Buy Local, which is this week sponsoring "Local Food Week" this week.

Here's some information on the organization from their Facebook page. Check 'em out.
Buy Fresh Buy Local connects citizens to farm-fresh, locally-grown food and farm products. Through food guides, market listings, promotions and point of sale materials, we’re making it easier for Oklahomans to find and purchase great tasting local foods.

There are lots of good reasons to Buy Fresh Buy Local:

~Locally grown and produced foods are fresher because they aren't transported thousands of miles before you eat them.

~Buying local means you are eating food at the height of seasonality and flavor.

~Buying local supports the economy and our family farms.

~Buying locally-grown and produced foods allows you to choose food from farmers you know and trust.

~Once you know where to find it, buying local food is easy.

Contact Info:

Website: Click here.


victor said...

Very nice things ,, thanks for this great link,,

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Frances said...

I'd definitely agree that opting for Tulsa local food delivery would help and support your local farmers.