Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Michael Bates Backdown Day 4.0

About this time every month, we like remember the day Michael Bates ate some tasty crow.

We're speaking of the February 10, 2009, letter in which Bates apologized for his misstatements concerning the Tulsa World and their circulation figures.

As Tulsa readers will recall, Bates blasted the World in his column in Urban Tulsa Weekly, only to discover that many of his conclusions were wrong.

Some of our favorite words from the Bates letter include these: "regret," "retract," "inaccurate," "misleading," "incorrect," "misinterpretation," "flawed," and "unintended." That's quite a list—written only four short months ago.

Meanwhile, Bates is longer writing for UTW, as he explained recently on his blog. That's too bad, since he'll lose an outlet to make more errors.


Tulsan said...

The observance won't feel complete until a commenter shows up to retort that it is "juvenile."

Anonymous said...

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