Friday, June 19, 2009

Irony Alert: Rove Complains about Network Playing Favorites

Karl Rove, one of the least credible members of the failed Bush Administration, has no sense of irony. Or truth, for that matter.

A consummate GOP spinmeister and political hack, Rove has a highly selective memory when it comes to White House relations with the television networks. Why he's shocked—shocked!— that ABC is "partnering" with the White House in some upcoming broadcasts.

Why it's unheard of, Rove says. It's unprecedented, Rove claims. Except when Fox News did it during the Bush years.

Think Progress nails Rove's sorry ass to the wall here.


Tulsan said...

I don't know if the highly intelligent Rove has no sense of irony nor truth, but he certainly has no sense of shame.

I have the feeling he's enjoyed hoodwinking the ever-reliable, though now ever-shrinking base.

After all, he is an agnostic, yet he plays the faithful like a fiddle.

Tulsan said...

In his personal life, Rove was on the wrong side of another wedge issue.

His stepfather, who was the only father he ever knew, was openly gay. Rove by all reports had a close, loving relationship with him until his death in 2004. He did not give his father's gay friends the impression he was not uncomfortable with his father's orientation.

Rove is able to completely compartmentalize.