Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inhofe Remarks Get Slammed

Sen. Jim Inhofe is no slouch when it comes to making headlines. It's just unfortunate that he usually makes them for being such a prig.

Inhofe's "un-American" crack about President Obama's speech this week in Cairo hasn't won him any admirers.

Oklahoma Democrats, of course, have unloaded on Inhofe, as in this page one comment in the Tulsa World: "I am not surprised but I am disappointed, said Todd Goodman, chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

Goodman is correct. Inhofe is so stuck in demonizing, scorched-earth partisanship that he's often the laughingstock of many conservatives, much less mainstream and liberal citizens.

A quick search of the "Interweb" shows that Inhofe's criticism of Obama this week is only embarrassing him—and us, of course, the citizens of Oklahoma.


Tulsan said...

Inhofe's specific criticisms of Obama's speech were:

--that the war in Iraq was described as a war of choice.
--the suggestion that torture had taken place at Gitmo.

Well, duh! Leave it to the reality-challenged Inhofe to dispute what is now plainly evident. What a knucklehead.

He calls Obama's speech "un-American?" It's un-American to live in a fantasy world.

Honestly, the thinking I see expressed by right-wingers here and elsewhere is hermetic and almost solipsistic in quality.

Where would we be if our leaders had lived in their own dreamworld during WWII?

Or maybe the question is, how can we afford to allow people like Inhofe and Limbaugh to foist delusions and cynical demogogery upon us?

Anonymous said...

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