Sunday, June 28, 2009

AT's Wine of the Week: Block No. 45 Petite Sirah 2007

AT has been amiss lately in our weekly wine work. We like to sip a bit every now and again (okay, sometimes it's more like quaffing) but we haven't had a chance to report on vino in a while.

Our latest find is a sturdy California red from Block No. 45. We know nothing of the winery except that it is located in San Martin, which doesn't help much since we never heard of the town.

In any case, we saw this Petite Sirah in Santa Fe and bought a bottle to pair with some exotic olives from Whole Foods. The pairing proved to be success. The wine was, as the label advertised, full-flavored, which helped it stand up to the olives.

At the price ($8.99), it was a good deal. AltTulsa loves a good red at a good price, and Block No. 45 delivered. We don't know if this label is available in Tulsa, but we hope so. It's worth looking for.

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