Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rep. Sullivan's Empty Promise: "Representing Your Interests in Congress"

Oklahoma First District Rep. John Sullivan mailed an official, taxpayer-supported document to his constituents just last week, a document that said Sullivan is "Representing Your Interests in Congress."

Or maybe not. Sullivan checked himself into the Betty Ford Clinic last week, so he's nowhere near Congress and he's not currently representing the people of the First District.

Indeed, the conservative Tulsa Republican has taken an official leave from his Congressional duties to deal with his alcohol addition, a problem that the Congressman has been battling for some time.

This is not Sullivan's first encounter with alcoholism. As the Tulsa World reported last week, the Congressman has spoken openly about his drinking, at one point speaking to high school students about the dangers of alcohol. "He said at the time he finally had eliminated alcohol from his life," the World noted.

Unfortunately for Sullivan (and us), that was not the case.


Anonymous said...

Usually when they do this, theres a scandal that follows. Is this the calm before the storm? Did he get caught messing around with little boys?

Tulsan said...

Exactly. There is a big story about Sullivan that is yet to come out.

He would hardly have checked into the Betty Ford clinic unless he was trying to stay out of the public eye when the story breaks, much the way Ted Haggard, the gay evangelist, did.

(Not saying that Sullivan's specific upcoming scandal is gay-oriented.)

Anonymous said...

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