Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sen. Coburn Criticizes VA Health Care and Draws Criticism Himself

Sen. Tom Coburn ought to know something about health care. He's an M.D., after all, which gives him some standing in the field. 

But Coburn is also something of an ideologue, more committed to conservative political spinning than to, say, an unbiased understanding of the facts. 

Not surprisingly, then, Coburn's comments earlier today on C-SPAN about the health care provided by the VA have come under fire from the group Think Progress. 

They say Coburn smeared the VA in order to attack health care reform. 

Think Progress supports their counterattack with some compelling facts that do make the VA look better than Coburn says it is. They might be right, too, which means Coburn could be wrong, a possibility Coburn seems never to have considered. 

You can learn more and see a Coburn video clip by clicking here

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