Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sen. Coburn Joins the Wingnuts; Supports 'Birther' Bill

Here we go again.

Just when you think Oklahoma politicians couldn't get any nuttier, Sen. Tom Coburn has joined the folks who think Barack Obama may be a alien.

Here's the report from the far, far Right, in all its paranoid glory:
Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has now signed up with the Birther cause -- the people who think Barack Obama isn't a natural-born citizen and should be required to produce a birth certificate (which he already did, anyway) -- World Net Daily reports.

Coburn has now voiced his support for a bill offered by Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) and five House co-sponsors so far. "The bill requires any federal candidates' campaign committee filing with the Federal Election Commission to produce a copy of the candidate's birth certificate," wrote Coburn. "If the bill makes it to the Senate, I will likely support it."

Coburn also endorsed a similar bill in the Oklahoma legislature: "I hope the Oklahoma State Legislature will give serious consideration to this bill and I hope more states will reform their ballot access laws to ensure federal candidates must affirmatively prove their eligibility."

After all, there have been so many cases of aliens running for state and federal office.


Man of the West said...

I'm so used to being amazed by you, it almost ceases to amuse me. You accuse Dr. Coburn of paranoia about Barack Obama's birth certificate and eligibility to be president and, for evidence, link to a writer--well, actually, you didn't link, God knows you seldom do--who may well not have read the original article in its entirety. That article has Dr. Coburn saying he believes President Obama...meets the constitutional requirement to be president..., which kind of blows the idea that he has "joined the birthers" straight to the nether regions and leaves me, at least, wondering whether your quoted writer bothered to read the whole thing before uttering his sneers.

The article has not a single word that indicates that Dr. Coburn doubts President Obama's eligibility. I do not believe that you can produce any such words, either. The whole idea appears to be pure imagination on the part of the writer you quote. All Dr. Coburn has done is signal support for a bill requiring candidates for federal office to submit a certain kind of birth certificate in the future--and taking that step, it should be noted, would preclude the very sort of rumors about eligibility that you are complaining about. We have to produce birth certificates with some regularity in this country; most people encounter the need at least when they apply for marriage licenses and driver's licenses or join the military. As far as I can tell, you are in the position of wanting to require more ID for a driver's license than you do to run for federal office.

Tulsan said...

Yeah, AltTulsa, you are amazing. Just because Coburn announces support of a bill that reinforces lunatic right concerns doesn't mean he is on board with them.

After all, Coburn also said he believes Obama meets the requirements. That completely cancels out the implications of the bill and his support of it.

No birther is going to make such a mistake as to think Coburn is signalling his solidarity with them. They are very clear thinkers.

Comradio said...

Excuse me folks, but doesn't his American mother meet all of the constitutional requirements to make him a natural born citizen, whether born here or there? Oh, that's right she does.

The birth certificate is irrelevant.

Comradio said...

That was meant to be addressed at the fundamentalist wing of America as a whole, not a commentary on the above replies to the original post.

Tulsan said...

Man of the West said: "I'm so used to being amazed by you, it almost ceases to amuse me."

By the way, MotW, I've been meaning to pose these questions to you:

Are you indeed such a superior creature that you merely scavenge lowly blogs to achieve a decadent tickle of amusement? Are you of a future species, Homo Superiorus?

Man of the West said...

I don't claim superiority, but the fact is that I read this blog principally for the entertainment value. There are far better written and reasoned lib blogs out there, if what I'm seeking is genuine understanding of well-thought-out liberal positions.

Don't act like it's a big deal; I know darn well from previous posts that the folks here listen to Limbaugh and Savage from time to time, and for much the same reason.

Tulsan said...

I don't seek out Limbaugh and Savage. I happen across them when looking for weather reports.

Glad you cleared that up.