Friday, June 5, 2009

'Up Is Down' in Jim Inhofe's Partisan World; Oklahoma Senator Wrong Again

Here we go again.

President Barack Obama makes a serious and balanced foreign policy address in Cairo and Sen. Jim Inhofe comes out swinging with a partisan (read: hack) attack from the Right.

Of course he would. Inhofe's credibility as a fair-minded and thoughtful political leader vanished years ago. Instead, Oklahomans get a warmed-over, Limbaugh-lite commentary that almost nobody to the left of Pat Buchanan takes seriously—and that's saying something.

Tulsans and other Sooner state voters might want to pay attention to O
bama's actual words from Cairo. If they read or listened to the speech itself (instead of the talk radio distortions of it), they might discover a new, vigorous, thoughtful and adult foreign policy approach to the Middle East.

But that would require a balanced and engaged political sensibility. Lots of Oklahomans might have (or acquire) that, but not Sen. Inhofe.

As the saying goes, his mind is made up. Don't confuse him with the facts.

For more on the latest Inhofe verbal nonsense, click here.

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