Friday, January 2, 2009

Urban Tulsa's Self-Congratulation, Part 3

T-Town's not-very-alternative "alternative" weekly, Urban Tulsa, is out with its latest version of "The Hot 100." The list, UT says, includes "innovative Tulsans who have made it their duty to revamp our fine city."

So far, so good. And, truth be told, there are some good people and institutions on the list, including newly elected County Commissioner Karen Keith, Elote owner Libby Auld, Mana Tahaie, director of Racial Justice for the YWCA, Eric Marshall, owner of a new Tulsa brewery, and many others.

We have no beef with such selections. These and other such movers and shakers deserve all the acclaim they warrant. And they are doing good things for the city.

But we part company with UT's practice of naming its own founder and one of its columnists (Michael Bates) to this list. This smacks of journalistic nepotism—and it's not the first time UT has done this, as AltTulsa has noted in previous years.

If the Tulsa World pulled a stunt like this, UT would be howling. Time to look in the mirror, guys.


♥georgie♥ said...

stopping by from BO-Blog Oklahoma off to check out the rest of your blog...

Tulsan said...

I think Bates missed his wave.

Daniel the Mad Scientist said...

Yeah, I noticed this too. Though they do kinda shoot themselves in the foot: "...Skrzypczak digs between the cracks of the city and fills them with the facts that only UTW can provide."

Well that sums it up rather nicely, yeah?

And while we're at it, why exactly is Barack Obama on the list? Has he even set foot in Oklahoma, let alone Tulsa? Is he seen as some sort of revolutionary in the only state that went entirely red? Oh...yeah, I remember. We have black people here! Obama, exhibiting his own blackness, reminded us of that. He's a smart boy, he done made us think an' shit.

Although, to be fair, it's nice to see Mana Tahaie and OkEq get a teensie-weensie bit of attention from UTW. With any luck, they'll report on their hard work and achievements again sometime this decade.

By the way, I'm proud to say that my most recent letter to the editor was actually published! It's in this same issue. Nevermind that I wrote it seven issues ago, and the column to which I was responding has long since been forgotten...but hey, I can't really complain.

Her said...

I'm a bit late getting to this (I'm so behind on my Google Reader!), but many thanks to everyone for your kind support of our work at the YWCA!

Mana Tahaie

Anonymous said...

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