Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Conservatives Crack: Bennett Slams El Rushbo

Now that George Bush has failed and their right-wing ideas have been rejected by a majority of Americans, conservatives are turning on each other.

Here's a recent example, courtesy of The Huffington Post.
Bill Bennett disagreed with fellow conservative talking head Rush Limbaugh, who said that he wants President Obama "to fail." On CNN's "State of the Union," Bennett said, "The locution 'I want him to fail' is not what you say the first week the man's been inaugurated ... the rhetoric could be improved."


Tulsan said...

Yeah, Rush, couldn't you be more nuanced?

Jeff Shaw said...

I'm a conservative, Rush is an idiot, and he doesn't speak for me, or a lot of other thinking conservatives.

Being in lockstep with RL is not a prerequisite for conservatism, except apparently here, when it advances your deft for acrimony.

Two peas in a pod, I'd say.

Tulsan said...

Oh, great logician, where did AT assert that being in lockstep with Rush Limbaugh is a prerequisite for conservatism?

Didn't he say only that conservatives are turning on each other?

Tulsan said...

Now that you mention Rush's relationship with conservatism, consider this:

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.) apologized Wednesday to “my fellow conservatives” for comments critical of talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh – saying he sees “eye-to-eye” with Limbaugh and that his remarks defending House Republican leadership came across more harshly than intended.

He also took issue with a headline on a Politico story about his comments, saying he never told Limbaugh to “back off,” as the headline read.

Gingrey said he issued the statement because of a high volume of calls and correspondence to his office after The Politico article.

Gingrey: “As long as I am in the Congress, I will continue to fight for and defend our sacred values. I have actively opposed every bailout, every rebate check, every so called 'stimulus.' And on so many of these things, I see eye-to-eye with Rush Limbaugh.”

Moral: conservatives don't criticize Rush with impunity. They must apologize and kiss his ring.

Digby: "Limbaugh has been one of the top leaders of the conservative movement for a very long time and the conservative movement owns the Republican Party."

Rep. Alan Grayson: "Rush Limbaugh is a has-been hypocrite loser, who craves attention. His right-wing lunacy sounds like Mikhail Gorbachev, extolling the virtues of communism. Limbaugh actually was more lucid when he was a drug addict. If America ever did 1% of what he wanted us to do, then we'd all need pain killers."

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