Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OK, We're Fat. But Not As Fat As Our Neighbors Down the Turner Turnpike

Tulsa has a lot of fat people. But according to a new survey by the magazine Men's Fitness, we're not nearly as fat as our friends down in Oklahoma City

The magazine's report listed Tulsa as the fifteenth fattest city in America

That's not good. Our Colorado cousins up in Denver ranked No. 4 on the fittest list, while the folks in Albuquerque ranked No. 5 on the fit list. 

Thank goodness Oklahoma City's citizens like to eat: OKC ranked as the second fattest city in America, topped only by those gluttons down in Miami (who knew?).  

What's the fittest city in America? According to Men's Fitness, it's Salt Lake City. (Must be all those clean-living Mormons.) 

If it's any consolation, Tulsa came out better than most Texas cities. The Fat City List included these Texas towns:  No. 3 San Antonio, No. 6 Houston, No. 7 El Paso, and no. 14, Dallas-Fort Worth. (Must be all those chicken-fried steaks and Shiner beer.

If you're into fitness in Texas, you gotta get to Austin. It was by far the fittest city in the Lone Star State, coming in at the seventeenth fittest city. 

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