Sunday, January 18, 2009

Urban Tulsa's Bates Column Pulled from the Weekly Paper's Website

Tulsa media watchers have been buzzing ever since the news broke last week that the city's daily paper, the Tulsa World, was suing Urban Tulsa Weekly for libel over statements made concerning the World's circulation figures in a column earlier this month by Tulsa blogger Michael Bates.

Indeed, Bates has used his blog, Batesline, to play David to the World's Goliath, highlighting some of the supportive commentary about his side of the case, including T-Town supporters who are praying for Bates and a piece by Jack Shafer of, a popular online magazine.

The World's story on its lawsuit has been popular on the newspaper's website. But when we looked for the offending UTW column Sunday night using the links that Bates himself posted, the column was no longer available. We tried Urban Tulsa's own site with the same result.

We have no clue what this might mean. You can draw your own conclusions.


Tulsan said...

Whatever happens with the suit, the World is likely to take a media beating. Bair, Lorton and company aren't exactly PR masters. Hope that wasn't libelous to say.

Anonymous said...

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