Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tulsa World Lays Off 28 as Ad Revenues Slump

It's no surprise to news junkies that newspapers are struggling these days, but significant layoffs at the Tulsa World are awfully close to home. 

The World announced today that it will terminate 28 employees, including 26 in the newsroom, in order to cut expenses. 

We have no inside knowledge on the paper's finances, but such cuts are bound to reduce the paper's ability to cover local and regional news, a bad development for readers and the Tulsa community. 

Oklahoma's other major newspaper, The Daily Oklahoman, announced about 150 layoffs in 2008. Some of Tulsa's television stations have also cut back their staffing.

 The World story can be found here


Anonymous said...

Can you find out who by asking people to tell you the names? Some of us may want to hire them...

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those fired by the Tulsa World Tuesday; I know the names.

Anonymous said...

I am a former World employee (1976-88) but have lost touch with many of the good friends I made there and I know are/were still there. Is a list being posted anywhere?

Anonymous said...

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