Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sooner State Fun Facts: Some Trivia About Oklahoma and Oklahomans

AltTulsa recently ran across an OSU faculty recruiting document, one that listed ten reasons to relocate to our lovely state.

Some of these we already knew (low cost of living, friendly people, lots of outdoor recreational activities), but a few of these caught us by surprise.

For instance, did you know that 24 percent of Oklahoma is covered by forest? Or that Oklahoma ranks fourth in the nation in wheat production, as well as fourth in cattle and calf production?

Or how about this agricultural nugget? Sooners are eighth in peach production.

But the reason we liked the best was the claim that Oklahoma's central location, which makes it "relatively easy to visit family and friends in other states." (Or maybe not, especially if your family and friends live in, say, New England or the Northwest.)

OSU's example of centrality is also a bit misleading. The school highlights Cimarron County in the Panhandle, a county "bordered by more states than any other U.S. county: Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas."

The problem: Cimarron County (population just over 3,000) is at the far western edge of the state, exactly 331 miles from Stillwater.


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