Friday, January 16, 2009

Huffington on the Bush Farewell Speech

Arianna Huffington isn't shy when it comes to giving her opinion. Once a conservative, Huffington saw the light (it happens) and is now a liberal blogger and pundit whose name tops a popular political blog.

So it's no surprise that Huffington had some juicy bones to pick after President Bush's farewell speech Thursday night. Like many observers, Huffington was underwhelmed.

Here's a portion of Huffington's pointed commentary:

In a particularly jaw-dropping moment, Bush asserted that when people "live in freedom, they do not willingly choose leaders who pursue campaigns of terror" -- a remarkable claim given the fact that Hamas, which has kinda been in the news lately, has leaders who "pursue campaigns of terror" and were willingly chosen by people given the freedom to elect who they wanted.

Another striking moment was watching the great pride the president took in saying that even though we might not have liked all of his decisions, we have to admit that he "was willing to make the tough decisions." The Crawford Cowboy to the end.

Yes, he made tough decisions... but what is the value in that if the decisions you make are consistently wrong? And Bush has made the wrong decisions again and again and again.

Given the strong disapproval numbers in the opinion polls, most Americans seem to agree with Arianna.


Yogi said...

Preach it.

Monk-in-Training said...

A friend told me that she cried during the farewell speech. I wanted to tell her I have been crying for a while, but didn't

Billy said...

What a barf-fest. Someone should have been standing by with the hook to get the idiot off stage.

Anonymous said...

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