Monday, January 19, 2009

NY Times in Tulsa: Even in Oklahoma, Some Voters Are Softening on Obama

It's old news now that Oklahoma was the reddest of the Red States in November, with John McCain carrying every county in the Sooner state.

But even in "McCain Country," attitudes are changing. We certainly get that sense in Tulsa, where (despite the efforts of T-Town Democrats and our own online work) McCain won handily.

Today, the New York Times has validated Tulsa's softening of attitudes toward Barack Obama. (Read the Times Tulsa story here.)

Here's a snippet from the NYT article:

Some people have, in fact, changed their minds. Leonard Nelson, 63, a 23-year military veteran of both the Army and the Navy, said he had voted for Mr. McCain mainly through military fealty — believing that Mr. McCain’s own military record would make him a better commander in chief.

“But I’ve come to think the better man won,” said Mr. Nelson, owner of the Humidor Cigar Shop, an aromatic haven of pipes, blended tobaccos and customers on a first-name basis. Mr. Nelson said that Mr. Obama, through his cabinet nominations, sent a signal of centrist government intention that feels O.K. to him.


maggie's mind said...

So there is hope even here yet.

Anonymous said...

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