Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sooner State No. 5 in Smoking Deaths

Oklahoma ranks high in yet another bad statistic: According to the Centers for Disease Control, we're fifth highest in deaths from smoking.

The Tulsa World reports today that Oklahoma is the only state where smoking-death rates have actually risen, according to CDC numbers.

The four states with higher smoking-death rates are predictable: Kentucky, West Virginia, Nevada and Mississippi.

The lowest smoking death rates are fairly predictable too: Utah, Hawaii, Minnesota, North Dakota, and New Mexico.


Jeff Shaw said...

Yeah, but buying cigarrettes helps pay for heath care.

Mr. Obama's plan (he's not the first or only politician that's done this) to fund children's health care is an increase in tobacco taxes. Some might say the smoking deaths are actually martyrdom, No?

I wonder when this country will ever truly right itself?

Funding good things with deadly addictions and damaging like smoking and gambling. OMG.

Tulsan said...

Some others might say that the tax increase would tend to discourage use of tobacco, thus tending to prolong lives, as well as funding health care.

Your recommendation is what? Lower the tax? What do you propose to do about these "deadly addictions"? Ban them or remove regulation from them?

Anonymous said...

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