Sunday, October 19, 2008

'Rolling Stone' Rates the Cable News Guys

Recent reading: AT doesn't spend too much time with Rolling Stone these days, but we do enjoy the magazine's political coverage from time to time.

That's why we picked up the current issue, which features a cover story on John McCain called "Make Believe Maverick." We haven't had a chance to read it, but the story promises to be a highly critical article.

We did have a chance to read RS's story on the highs and lows of cable news, including its winners and sinners.

Some winners: Rachel Maddow, the rising star at MSNBC, who has brought a new intelligence that network.

Jeffery Toobin, the CNN lawyer who's now covering politics. On McCain's acceptance speech: "I found it shockingly bad." Says RS: But what did you really think, Jeff?"

Some losers: Lou Dobbs, CNN's "dubiously reborn…populist warrior," a "business blowhard" and "egomaniac."

Sean Hannity, soft-headed Fox News bully "without the showmanship" of O'Reilly's bully act.

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Tulsan said...

The link: Make Believe Maverick.

Of interest to Dan: Pat Buchanan is a regular on Rachel Maddow's new MSNBC show.